Who Am I?

About me

I am a 21 year old photographer, sailor, rescue diver, and entrepreneur. Unfortunately, when I was 16 I faced a life changing head injury, giving me a massive concussion and a fractured neck. Over the next few months I hit my head 4 more times, amplifying my injury severely. I developed post concussion syndrome, and my life came to a grinding halt.

My Injury

Everyday I was facing massive headaches, irritability, depression, fatigue, and severe nerve pain. I had a team of doctors from some of the best medical institutions in the world working on my recovery. One of my doctors told me he was going to through medication at the wall hoping something stuck. I tried 20+ very strong medications to treat my pain and symptoms. None of these medications did anything for me but provide temporary relief. In fact, the side effects of the medicine where so strong that I decided to stop using them all together. They brought, anxiety, confusion, loss of words, panic attacks, depression, fatigue, and many other issues.

Switching Gears

 After failing to recover with western medicine, I was forced to look for alternative treatments. I started seeing a chiropractor, a neuromuscular therapist, a doctor of osteopathy, an acupuncturist, a hypnotherapist, a massage therapist, and a physical therapist. Some of these treatments were better than others. Seeing all these doctors and specialists taught me so much about concussions and post concussion syndrome. What was absolutely crucial in my recovery was believing that I could get better. I've been through a crazy journey over the past few years, and I really want to share how I got better. 

Finding Myself 

In the aftermath, I had a transformational life experience. I took all that I had learned about life and set out to adventure. I took a gap year before attending university in California. I backpacked throughout Europe by myself, sailed more than 1500 miles in the Caribbean, attained my rescue diver license, and received many sailing certifications. Since my injury, I have traveled more than 87,000 miles on 3 different continents, passionately documenting all my experiences. 


During my injury, I was taken away from everything in my life that I loved. I promised myself that I would find a way out of the crippling pain, and back into the sport I loved the most. Post injury I've coached competitive sailing to everyone from beginners to varsity sailors. I hold my level one, two, and  three U.S. Sailing coaching certifications. I am certified in first aid and CPR by the American Red Cross. I hold my IYT navigation masters, vhf operator license, and sailing certification. I've sailed since I was 11 years old. It's a passion of mine that I will absolutely carry with me for the rest of my life. It has taken me all around the world, bringing me to some of the coolest places on earth. This is my story, check it out.