Learning how to let go of fear in 35kt winds.

1. It started off like this, a breezy day at the Down East Regatta (fall of 2012). 

2. Much debate came about raising the spinnaker in this breeze, so naturally, we put it up. 


3. All was going well until a roller knocked us off course and our sails overpowered our steering.  

4. When our boat rolled, our sails took us so far down wind that we that we jibed (notice how the mainsail switched sides)

5. I watch the boom come swing by as I'm franticly holding on to the life lines ducking my head in fear of another concussion. 


6. At this point I am sure we are going to flip... we are currently broaching (our keel -- the bottom of the boat for you land lovers --was sticking out of the water). 

7.Let me make something clear, at this moment, I am terrified of hitting my head.

8. But this boat wont stabilize unless we act as counter weight. 

9. See those white caps in the water -- they start to appear when the wind is blowing 10-12 kts -- during this regatta the wind was blowing 28kts gusting to 35 kts... 

10. As a team we start to recover our boat. 

11. In the face of fear, you learn that fear itself is holding you back. 

12. We took down the spinnaker and finished the race. 

We made the international J 24 class calendar cover!